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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Build analytics, insights, big data, AI and machine learning using cloud data capabilities

At DevMode, we help enterprises to move beyond siloed data and legacy data warehouses. We build cloud native real-time data solutions that drive more informed decision making. Our solutions enable data scientists, developers and analysts build complex models and uncover new business insights using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence.

Enterprise data strategy

Our experts help design a custom strategy to build cloud native platforms and tools, and help you derive value from your data.

Cloud native data platform build

We build highly capable cloud native data platforms that empower your data scientists and analysts to move beyond legacy data warehouses and action on data faster.

Data visualization and business intelligence

Our real time data analytics solutions provide a competitive advantage for your enterprise by extracting data out of silos and enabling insight driven business decisions.

AI and machine Learning

Our data solutions are compatible with the leading AI and machine learning frameworks[A16] enabling the building of complex data models to identify hidden patterns.

Business Benefits

  • Transforming businesses from 'Reactive' to 'Preventive' to 'Predictive.
  • Real time data analytics for staying ahead of the curve.
  • Build a data driven digital enterprise without silos and legacy data warehouses.


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