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DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Modernize your IT Security, identify threats earlier in your application life cycle and build secure cloud platforms

Security is a major concern for any enterprise moving to the cloud. At DevMode, we provide specialized DevSecOps for [A17] application and platform security planning, and implement secure cloud platforms to enable your teams to innovate without security concerns[A18] . We test and secure deployment environments to abide by the highest security standards, and proactively address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Cloud security assessment

Our experts provide a thorough review and assessment of your cloud, and data security policies, ensuring compliance with the most stringent industry standards.

Secure software delivery

Our static and runtime security scanning solutions proactively identify and fix threats and vulnerabilities earlier in your process life cycle.

Container security

Design and build secure container provisioning processes that identify vulnerabilities and stop third party attacks proactively.

Business Benefits

  • Secure platforms that are safe from third party attaches and breaches
  • Reduced risk by identifying vulnerabilities and point of attacks earlier
  • Increased compliance and decreased likelihood of last minute security bottlenecks


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